Athletics Program Overview

LVCP Athletic Philosophy


LVCP Athletics, including cheer is an integral part of the total education program. Athletics allows us an opportunity to teach teamwork and gives the student athletes and opportunity to demonstrate it, and to show a true team player is one who is eager to lose himself/herself in the group for the good of the whole. Athletics exemplifies the philosophy that hard work, perseverance and determination bring success, sometimes immediately and sometimes with the passage of time and maturation.

LVCP Athletics:

-Allows the player to learn teamwork. To learn that sometimes, is okay to lose oneself in the group for the good of the whole.

-Allows the player to learn responsibility. To learn that sometimes, there is more than oneself. There is a team who counts on you.

-Allows the player to learn to give 100%. To learn that sometimes, there is more to give then what you thought possible.

-Allows the player to learn what it is like to be successful. To learn that winning isn’t everything, and even if you lose, you still can be a winner.

-Allows the player to learn what it is like to be part of a team. To learn that there is more to life than oneself.

-Allows the player to learn what it means to be prideful. To learn that when you wear an LVCP uniform, you wear it with pride.

Teamwork, Excellence, Pride-Go Hawks!

Practice Times

Athletes are responsible for making all practices. If you have a conflict that will affect you coming to practice(s) it is YOUR responsibility to let the coach know ahead of time. Do the best you can to arrange doctor appointments, lessons, etc. around practices so that you can be there for your team.

Game Days

You must wear your game jerseys on game days. You are a part of team, and should not be singled out, especially on game day. You must come to school prepared and with all your equipment. It is not the responsibility of the coach, your teammates, the athletic director or parents to give you replacement jerseys, equipment, etc. If you do not come prepared, you will sit on the bench. Students must also attend at least 4 hours of school in order to attend the game on game day. If you show up after lunch, you will not be leaving for the game with the team.


Being a student athlete is hard work, but the student always comes first. If you do not keep up with your work, you will not play. You will be required to do grade checks every week. If you are failing a class, or not turning in your work, you will be benched until the next week or until your grades improve. Plain and simple, do your work on time! Teams that cannot field a full starting lineup will forfeit the game(s)/Season.

To be an athlete at LVCP you must maintain a 2.25 GPA with no D’s or F’s. If you fail to meet these requirements you will be benched until you bring up your grades. Grade checks are done every Friday and failure to meet grade requirements will result in being benched until the following Friday if grades are brought up.


At the quarter, any student with a D or an F or failure to meet the 2.50 GPA will result in loss of eligibility for the remainder of the quarter. Through North Coast Section, each student has 1 waiver they can use for grade purposes/hardships that allow them to be eligible for that season. A student who uses a waiver is still responsible for grade checks every Friday and will be held liable for grades. If a student and parents decide to use the waiver, it must meet the approval of the Athletic Director and Principal.

Student athletes are role models and represent the athletics program. Student athletes that do not participate and set an example in Physical Education class will have team consequences.


Part of being a responsible student athlete is ensuring that you show up to school on time every day. There is no excuse for not being at school and in class before class starts. If a student receives more than 3 tardies in a one week period, they will be benched from the team for a week starting the day the third tardy was given. If a student receives 6 or more tardies/season, they will be removed from the team without a refund. Please do the best you can, to be on time for school every day.

Playing Time

No athlete is guaranteed playing time. Students who miss practices regularly, disrespect coaches and or officials and do not behave appropriately will lose the privilege to play. Students who do practice every day and act appropriately are not guaranteed playing time. Junior Varsity and Varsity programs are competitive playing fields. No student is guaranteed playing time.

End of Season

All equipment must be returned to the coaches at the end of the season. You are responsible for the equipment that is handed out to you. If you fail to return any equipment, you will be charged for whatever you did not return.

If a student finished more than half the season, but became ineligible due to grades, injury, etc., they will get recognized as playing the sport at the end of the year sports banquet. If a student played a sport and did not quit, they can attend team parties and the team banquet. If a student quits a sport for any reason at any point they are not allowed to attend team parties and are not eligible to be acknowledged at the banquet.


Coaches and teachers are adult figures/role models that must be respected. As an athlete, you will be representing the school and will be setting examples for your peers. You must respect adults/coaches at all times. If you are disrespectful to a coach, official, or parent, your place on the team may be in jeopardy and will be discussed with the coaching/teaching staff and the Athletic Director. Being an athlete at LVCP is a privilege, not a right so use it wisely.

The Coaching, Athletic Director and principal have the authority to bench a student athlete at any time due to grades, breaking rules, and or being disrespectful. If you do not follow team rules and fail to be respectful, you will be asked to leave the team.


Drugs, Anabolic Steroids and Alcohol do not have a part in LVCP Athletics. If you are caught using illicit drugs or alcohol, you will be removed from the team and further discipline will be taken.

Being a student athlete is a rewarding experience. You are a role model for your peers, your school, and your sport. Success does not stop when you leave the field, keep up your grades, be a positive community member, and represent LVCP Athletics!



All students are required to have a physical form signed before practice (available online).


Questions? Contact Coach Biletnikoff Jr. at: