Homestay Program

Several of our students live with Homestay Families while attending LVCP.

These families offer a caring home for our students whose own families are located well outside of the Tri-Valley Area. In addition to providing a safe and suitable home, these families perform the following:

  • Welcome student as a family member
  • Provide students with own bed & place to study
  • Provide all meals except school lunches
  • Provide transportation to and from school and religious services
  • Help with challenges: school, culture shock, language, homesickness
  • Encourage the exchange of cultural ideas

Student Security

The health and welfare of our students is our utmost concern, therefore we are very discerning about the families and homes we allow to participate in the Homestay Program.

Families wanting to become hosts first must submit a detailed application which is reviewed and screened. The potential family is then contacted to schedule a detailed interview that must be conducted in the host’s home. Once the family completes the in-home interview, a thorough criminal background check is conducted with all members of the family including Livescan screening. Only when all members of the family have cleared all security checks can they be admissible for Homestay Family consideration.