Ambassador Club

Mission: The Ambassador Program strives to represent LVCP positively within the school environment and in the community as a whole and portray a responsible, ethical and professional image of the students of LVCP.  The Ambassadors develop relationships with prospective students, serve as the public relations team in outreach, promote community service events, encourage positive peer relationships and raise school spirit.

One of the Ambassadors most significant jobs is to help develop and run the Hawk for a Day program.  This is a program where prospective students are given the opportunity to shadow a student for the school day.  They are given a loaner laptop so they can mimic the experience of being a LVCP Hawk.  The Ambassadors receive training so they are able to communicate important information, make the prospective students feel welcomed/included and gather information on the prospective student’s impressions.  They have developed a feedback survey so they program can continue to grow and evolve.  Additionally, they are in the process of developing a brochure that prospective students or their parents can review at home.  

The Ambassadors serve as the public relations team.  They are knowledgeable about the school, the students, the programs and the staff and share this knowledge with others.  They work as informative tour guides during open houses and special events, developing informative brochures and handing out fliers and/or answering questions when LVCP is represented in a festival or market booth.  They have also participated in the Livermore Valley Charter School’s Read-A-Thon and attended 8th grade open houses.    

The Ambassadors promote a positive image of LVCP in the community by identifying and coordinating community service projects for the students and staff to participate in as well as attending events at surrounding schools.  The students of LVCP are expected and required to perform community service hours every year they attend.  The Ambassadors will help locate opportunities for these students to give back and will help coordinate staff supervision and organization so the event is successful and the school has been well represented.  They will dress, act, and speak in a respectful, kind, and professional manner and encourage others to do the same.  

The Ambassadors encourage positive peer relationships and school spirit through planned student events like game nights or sports rallies.  They will host a minimum of two after-school events per year that are planned for students to relax, have fun, and enjoy each other.  These events are timed to coincide with the week before final exams.  

Finally, the Ambassadors also work with student government and students in leadership class to raise school spirit through fun activities and rallies.  The students in this program are working on developing their speaking and social skills and welcome the opportunity to be the voice for any LVCP school programs, fund raisers, and/or events.  





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