Pathways at LVCP


The Pathways program at LVCP is designed to foster student interest and to help personalize educational choice.  At the beginning of Junior year, each student picks an area in which they would like to target some of their studies. 
These general areas are:
Humanities and the Arts
Environmental Science and Sustainability Studies
Business Management and Entrepreneurial Studies
Applied Sciences and Technologies
The chosen Pathway is then pursued through every curricular area, through project based learning, and through community service.  For example, a student interested in Medicine might choose the Applied Sciences and Technologies Pathway.  While studying the United States Civil War, their Pathway element for their history project might inlcude a section on medical advances during the civil war.  While studying Chemistry, the student may look at current research in an area of medicine that interests them. They might conduct a research experiment in that area.  The student may also choose to fulfill their community service requirement by volunteering in a hospital setting. In this way, the Pathways program provides endless opportunities for students to pursue those things that interest them most.
The Pathways program at LVCP requires the following components be completed by each student prior to graduation:
Instruction in Personal and Professional Etiquette
Production of a Digital Portfolio
End of Semester Presentations of Learning
Pathway Element in all projects during Junior and Senior year
Career Day Attendance
Informational Interviews in Potential Career Paths
College Visits, Selection, and Applications
Instruction in interview Techniques
Production of a Written Resume
Senior Seminar Completion
Optional Internship, Job, Volunteerism
Please see the attached link for the four year Pathways plan at LVCP.



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