Personal Support

While the high school experience at LVCP has a strong academic focus as it is the last stop before college, students are also undergoing many emotional changes as they grow into themselves and explore their post-secondary options. It is important that students feel safe and comfortable in their learning environment so they can focus on being academically successful. Throughout their years at LVCP, students will continually grow and develop and the counseling department is dedicated to assisting them on their journey.

The LVCP comprehensive counseling program provides the following programs to meet the needs of developing young adults:
Freshmen & New Student Welcome:
Each fall, LVCP counselors and administrators take the time to welcome our new students. The transition to high school is a huge step and many students need assistance in bridging the gap between middle school and high school. The overall goal of the new student welcome is to ensure that new students transition comfortably into their new environment. LVCP is a community in which "everyone knows everyone", so it is the hope that students will be exposed to positive relationships and meet their new peers in a non-academic environment.
All students are placed in Advisory groups that meet four times per week with the same teacher. The teacher becomes an integral part of the parent-teacher team and serves as personal link to the school for parents. The Advisory teacher will monitor grades, meet with students individually, meet with parents at the beginning of the year, talk with other teachers, and work with the school counselor when deeper issues arise. The Advisory teacher, in conjunction with the counseling department, will also deliver lessons around academic skills, social development, college readiness, and career readiness. Advisories become very close over the year as relationships and friendships grow. 
Town Hall:
Town Halls bring together the entire school or a grade level in order to discuss an issue on campus. For instance, a Town Hall might be held to discuss how upper classmen might welcome a new grade of students, to cover sexual harassment law, or to review the requirements for college applications. Town Halls provide the opportunity to bring everyone together on campus and to create a sense of community.
Support Counseling:
The LVCP Counseling Department is always willing and ready to help students who approach them with an issue that they would like to discuss more deeply. School counselors provide a safe place for students to work through an issue, and help stabilize a student emotionally in times of crisis. While school counselors do not provide ongoing counseling, there are several community resources available. If that appears necessary, parents will be contacted and included in the referral process.