Over 30 People Donate Blood- Potential to help save up to 93 lives! - Next Drive Wednesday, April 12th

LVCP Senior, Laura Di Simone, put together a Blood Drive for the second year in a row with the help of Miss Christensen, the leadership teacher. The Red Cross set up early in the morning and continued to draw blood continuously until around 1:00pm. Leadership students worked with the Red Cross staff by handing out snacks and drinks to people who donated blood and made sure they rested before returning to their day. Teachers and administrators alike including Mr. Pogue, Coach Biletnikoff, Ms. Gillette, and Mr. Ahmed donated blood along with students and parents. The blood drive was a huge success and donors are eager to donate again! Our next blood drive will be Wednesday, April 12th so make sure to save the date! A huge thank you goes out to Red Cross for visiting and letting our Hawks Family give back!