Math Club

Math Club is an intensive, fast-paced, and accelerated STEM club. Its goal is to introduce new ways to understand algebra and instill a knowledge of how to best solve complex problems. Students will be prepared to take the American Math Competition (AMC) 10, for those below the tenth grade, and the AMC 12, for all those who are in high school. Students with experience from clubs such as MATHCOUNTS or Science Bowl will find this club worthwhile and informational. Mr. Novello (Math) is the leader of this club and accepts anybody with a will to learn, though he does not guarantee that everybody will become a math professor by the end of the year! Math Club is held after school on Mondays for a modest thirty minutes in Mr. Novello's room (# 13), near the grass area adjacent to the Student Lounge. Math Club has held its first meetings already but is still looking for prospective students! If you are interested in coming in and observing what Math Club is like, contact Mr. Novello at  Math Club has a friendly atmosphere centered around learning math, so don't be afraid to check us out. We look forward to seeing you at Math Club!